The Band
The band
Who the fook are the fooks!?

Since forming in 2007 in ‘America’s Finest City’, The Fooks have proudly and loudly been producing America’s Finest Irish Noise.  Whether rocking their own versions of traditional Irish tunes and songs, or covering the likes of The Pogues, Flogging Molly, or The Dropkick Murphy’s, The Fooks always deliver a rollicking good time.  Known almost as much for their antics on stage between songs as for the music itself, The Fooks deliver a complete entertainment experience… “Savage” was the word most often used by the Irish people themselves to describe The Fooks on their 2013 tour of the Emerald Isle. With Gaddy on the bass guitar, Steve ‘Gilly’ Gilliland on guitar and vocals, Scott ‘Enormous’ Johnson on the fiddle and vocals, Damian ‘Jesus’ Anderson on cajon and vocals, and Kirk ‘Papa Fook’ O’Brien on guitar, mandolin, and vocals, The Fooks won’t rest until they have partied with you and everybody else on God’s green earth!

Kirk ‘Papa Fook’ O’Brien

Kirk is a serial curmudgeon, and the most geriatric member of The Fooks. When, as a younger man, he finally realized that playing guitar attracted entirely too much attention from the opposite sex, he decided to switch to mandolin. That stopped the unwanted ‘guitar-god sex icon’ adoration dead in its tracks. Much to his relief, he could now focus on forming a band around this new-found freedom – a freedom from the incessant distractions of the adulating and amorous crowd. (He also became aware that playing with one string out of tune on the 8-string mandolin wasn’t nearly as noticeable as it was on the guitar.)


Gaddy, aka Garry von Garrycastle,  is an original founding member of The Fooks.  He met Kirk over a pint or two or three of Guinness and  doesn’t remember why or how this all happened and wants to know when it will stop. Gaddy plays bass, bass, and more bass.

Scott ‘Enormous’ Johnson

“Mom, Dad… I – I think I might be a musician.”


His parents tried to hide their shock and dismay.  They failed.


“Have you tried… not being a musician?” his mother asked, with a quaver in her voice.


“Son, being a musician is a fine avocation, but it’s no vocation.  Why not become a doctor or a lawyer? There’s no security in being a musician,” was his father’s quasi-supportive reply.


But with that fateful exchange, Scott’s path to becoming a professional violinist began.  While still in high school, he humored his parents’ desire for him to look for a career elsewhere.  He even tried at college, dropping out of music school once before moving to California. He tried a number of different disciplines before finally surrendering to destiny’s call and enrolling in music school at San Diego State University.


It was at this point that fate struck again.  While attending school in San Diego, Scott came into contact with the Fooks.  Everything was fun and games at first; the seemingly fortuitous meeting allowed for him to expand his versatility in playing, and it appeared to be a good fit to everyone involved.  Little did he know that this would be the entry point that would justify all the fears his parents had expressed when he was still in their care.  It was at this point that Scott became a victim of kidnapping.


What had seemed like an innocent connection with the band turned to something darker.  Kept in a small functional room large enough only for the bare necessities – sleep, eating, practicing – Scott was allowed to leave only for school, and performances.  Eventually, he did complete his degree in Violin Performance, only to find his world shrink further, to exist only at the pleasure of the Fooks as a whole.  Submitting to his sealed fate – and his parents’ apt soothsaying – Scott spends his time in his room, practicing, performing, and dreaming of the wide world beyond, and what might have been.


His story serves as a cautionary tale for any other children who may otherwise choose the same fate.


Damian ‘Jesus’ Anderson

Playing with The Fooks is the best. I get paid to beat a pretty little box while people watch, then I get applause when I finish.  It’s quite amazing.  I’m hoping to milk this gig for as long as possible before they realize their mistake.


It truly is an honor to be in a band again with such great musicians.  Music has always been a major part of my life and to find others who enjoy it as much as I do is awesome.


Long live The Fooks!

Steve ‘Gilly’ Gilliland

This is the greatest fooker of them all, many lands he has tread and still no one knows who the hell he is because he didn't write his bio yet.


Fook you Gilly boy.

Rice Enright
Aka "that fuckin guy"

Enraged titan, Rice Enright, commonly known as "That Fuckin' Guy" plays the bass like a gat outta hell on The Fooks Livestreams from time to time as their resident bassist.


Give a shout and a cheer for That Fuckin' Guy!




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